Gary is a personable, dedicated, and knowledgeable real estate agent. He served as my buyer’s agent, and I felt he took time to get to know me, understand my situation, and learn about all of the things I needed in a home and why. As a first-time home buyer, I had many questions throughout the whole process. He went out of his way to make my home-buying experience as easy as possible. He spent time doing extra research for me, supplying me with recommendations for lawyers, home inspectors, insurance agencies, and even a handyman. And through the whole process, he ensured that I crossed my T’s and dotted my I’s, which ultimately led to closing on my home earlier that anticipated. Gary has efficient and clear communication skills. Call him, text him, email him with any kind of question – any time of day – and expect a prompt, easy-to-understand response. It’s easy to recommend Gary because he’s so good at his job, and you can tell he loves what he does.

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